by Jeffrey R. Charles

Based on an introduction of the
Presented at the 1984 Riverside Telescope Makers Conference
and on the paper
"Image Switching for Fun & Profit"
Presented at the 1991 Electronic Oriented Astronomy Conference
(EOA No. 4)

by Jeffrey R. Charles
Owner and Chief Engineer of

© Copyright 1991, 1997 by Jeffrey R. Charles, All Rights Reserved.

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Introduction: The Ubiquitous Flip Mirror

Questar - The First Commercial Telescope With Two Image Planes

O.T.I. Quantum and Other Flip Mirrors with "Bucket" Housings

Conception of what later became the VersaGuider and DiaGuider

Conception of the VersAgonal Multi-Function Flip Mirror Attachment

More New Optical Image Switching Systems

New Companies Jump on the Flip Mirror Bandwagon

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Sorting Through the Plethora of Available Accessory Systems
(An Amateur Astronomer's "Plumbing Manual")

Flip Mirrors & Electronic Imaging: Easy Ways to Locate Your Subject

Optimum Utilization of a Flip Mirror

References & Additional Information

Future Images:

* Presented at the 1984 RTMC
** Presented at the 1984 RTMC and the 1991 EOA Conference
*** Presented Only at the 1991 EOA Conference

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